Putley Open Gardens the annual opening of Putley residents gardens to the public

Putley Open Gardens History

Putley Open Gardens is the inspiration of Mr Tim Beaumont, a long standing resident of Putley and a very keen gardener himself. He has always believed that visitors enjoy seeing other people’s gardens and because Putley residents enjoy welcoming visitors to their gardens it is an annual opportunity to talk and learn about both why and how individual gardens develop and change over the years. In the ten years since Putley Open Gardens started, some gardens now have new owners and each year there is always something new to visit, be encouraged and inspired by.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of the Putley countryside as the suggested route around the village encourages walking along local footpaths or lanes. Each year the gardens on show (usually 6 or 7) provide a variety of plants, flowers and design styles all loved and cared for by the garden owners.

Visiting Putley Open Gardens is intended to be a source of inspiration. With a variety of various gardening techniques, plant combinations and design ideas on display, the organisers of Putley Open Gardens hope that visitors can take away ideas and inspiration for their own properties.

Gardening is known to have a calming effect on the mind and Putley Open Gardens aims to offer a peaceful and relaxing experience amidst the quiet Herefordshire countryside.

Putley Gardens – Hereford Evening News – Thursday July 1st 1960

As you can see and read below Putley is well know for it’s lovely gardens for well over 60 years and doubtless for many years to come!

Hereford newspaper cutting of Putley Gardens
Hereford evening news 1960 of Putley gardens
Hereford evening news Putley gardens 1960
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